It all starts

I am writing this blog for my wife, my family, and anyone else that faces the troubles associated with an alcoholic spouse. in my case, my wife is not only an alcoholic, but she also has caused herself some brain damage, and she now faces the prospects of needing a liver transplant to live.

This blog will attempt to document her antics leading up to this stage of her life, and offer progress towards her transplant. I have a lot of archived material that i plan to post as i can organize it which documents her life, the life of her family and friends, and the costs associated with alcoholism. Additionally, i plan on posting medical related information to help explain the harm she has caused to her body, and the implications of her alcoholism. Finally, i plan on posting information related to the mental harm and anguish this has caused her family, especially her children, and how we have been dealing with it over time.

I have never written a blog before, so i will likely make some mistakes – i apologize up front for any of those. Please feel free to use any of this information if you think it will help.